Q: What is PayAlt?
A: PayAlt's crypto bill pay software allows real-time transactions between virtual wallets and a merchant's existing point of sale system.
Q: How does PayAlt work?

A: Online – PayAlt converts your virtual currency into a prepaid VISA at checkout; then pays the merchant.

A: Prepaid VISA Generator – PayAlt also allows you to convert and load a single-use prepaid virtual VISA. Load as much as you like and use it wherever VISA is accepted.

Q: Where can I use PayAlt?
A: Anywhere VISA is accepted online.
Q: Are there fees?
A: Fees are included in the conversion.
Q: Do transactions happen in real-time?
A: Yes. Everything happens within seconds.
Q: What Exchanges does PayAlt sync with?
A: PayAlt is able to sync with any Exchange. However, individuals using PayAlt’s website can only sync with Coinbase. PayAlt business partners can set the bill pay software to sync with any Exchange or wallet.
Q: What wallets can I use?
A: Individuals using PayAlt’s website can only use the Coinbase wallet. PayAlt business partners can setup the bill pay software to accept any wallet.
Q: I don't have a Coinbase account, when will you add more Exchanges?
A: Additional Exchanges will be added soon. For businesses licensing our bill pay software, you can setup the bill pay software to work with any Exchange.
Q: What crypto currency can I use to shop and pay bills?
A: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.
Q: What currency is used to make payments to merchants?
A: All payments are made using USD (US Dollar). However, PayAlt business partners can set the bill pay software to any currency.

Online Shopping
Q: How do I shop online with PayAlt?
A: Register and click "Shop/Bill Pay". When the google webpage opens, use the browser and shop like normal. When you’re ready to pay with crypto at checkout, it's time to PayAlt! Press "Pay" at the bottom of your screen and convert your crypto into a prepaid VISA within seconds. Your new prepaid VISA will automatically be entered into the website for checkout.
Q: How do I create a virtual prepaid VISA to shop later with?
A: Would you rather load a prepaid VISA and directly use it yourself? We offer a single-use, virtual prepaid VISA. To create one, click “Shop”. When the google webpages opens, click the cash register icon in the top left side of the screen. Follow the instructions, load funds and create a one-time use prepaid Visa in seconds. The cash register will show your card balance. Add funds and create a new one as needed.
Q: Do I have to register to us PayAlt?
A: Yes, you must register in order to access the PayAlt crypto bill pay software or the virtual prepaid VISA generator.
Q: When do I press the "Pay" button?
A: At checkout, when the merchant requests your credit card number.

Shopper Policies
Q: Are there spending limits?
A: Some merchants may limit prepaid VISA transaction amount; however, our limit is $25,000 (USD) per single purchase. You can make as many purchases as you like.
Q: How do I handle stopped payments, returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations?
A: PayAlt does not process returns, exchanges, refunds, cancellations or any other aspect of your purchase beyond payment to the merchant. Contact the merchant directly to process any returns. Merchant and vendor policies apply.
Q: What if the merchant only gives refunds to the credit card used for the purchase/payment?
A: Have the merchant return the funds to the prepaid VISA on file and once the funds arrive, a new prepaid VISA will be created for you.
Q: How do you calculate the conversion rate for payments?
A: Rates are automatically calculated through our point of sale service. You will see the current conversion rates before authorizing a payment.

Q: Does PayAlt license our crypto bill pay software?
A: Yes, we license our software to a variety of businesses including (but not limited to) crypto bill payment services, crypto Exchanges, crypto rebate/reward programs and crypto specialty shopping websites. The bill pay software is compliant with US, European and Asia regulations and provides a low-cost, turn-key program without the regulatory oversight.
Q: Can we use our company's browser extension with PayAlt's Shopping Browser?
A: Yes, if your company uses browser extensions, such as rebate extension, they can be used along with our crypto bill pay software.